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We provide professional and affordable services that help you save time and money.

At CDF Sydney we operate two curing ovens.

Our conveyor oven designed for light to medium products in weight, to suit multiple items from 10 into the 1000s. This oven is well suited to a variety of products such as guttering, garage doors, brackets, steel posts fencing and aluminium extrusions.

Our batch oven is more dedicated and suited to the large heavy bulky items with a thick metal wall which requires a more controlled heating environment. Our batch oven can handle multiple items from small heavy components being steel posts with holding plates to bulkly goods including structural steel and girder beams to car and truck Chassis.


We begin our powder coating process by pre-treating the item for powdercoating which cleans and etches the surface for maximum adhesion of the powdercoat. Then hanging your parts on our uniquely designed powder coating part rack. These powder coat parts racks allow us to maximise the number of parts we can hang from each rack without sacrificing quality.

We then apply the powder coat to the products through and electrically charged spray gun. This gun sprays charged powder particles onto the surface which wraps around the product.

The product is then placed into a gas conventional oven and baked at 200 degrees for the desided time to allow the powder to melt and fuse together to form a smooth, uniform,  decorative and protective coating.

This curing time can differ from product to product depending on the thickness of the material

When the item is cured, your parts are rolled out of the curing oven, and allowed to cool down. Once cooled, the product can be handled and is ready to be dispatched to the customer

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